Ashokan Watershed Stakeholder Council

The mis­sion of the Ashokan Water­shed Stream Man­age­ment Pro­gram (AWSMP) Stake­holder Coun­cil is to pro­vide a reg­u­lar oppor­tu­nity for stake­hold­ers to offer feed­back to AWSMP staff on activ­i­ties related to the Water­shed Pro­gram, to share infor­ma­tion related to stream and water­shed man­age­ment, and to extend infor­ma­tion back out to the water­shed com­mu­ni­ties and agen­cies. Coun­cil mem­bers serve as ambas­sadors between resource man­agers, agen­cies, AWSMP, and water­shed residents.

The role and pur­pose of the Stake­holder Coun­cil includes:

Com­mu­nity Rela­tions: The Coun­cil assists in gen­er­at­ing com­mu­nity sup­port for AWSMP ini­tia­tives and helps to lessen infor­ma­tion gaps between water­shed agen­cies, munic­i­pal­i­ties and stakeholders.

Imple­men­ta­tion and Eval­u­a­tion: The Coun­cil col­lab­o­rates with AWSMP staff to imple­ment projects and pro­grams, and pro­vides review of projects for pro­gram funding.

Plan­ning for the Future: The Coun­cil exchanges infor­ma­tion in order to strengthen the capac­ity of local com­mu­ni­ties and agen­cies to man­age streams and floodplains.

The Stake­holder Coun­cil is com­prised of an Exec­u­tive Coun­cil and reg­u­lar mem­bers. The Exec­u­tive Coun­cil includes two rep­re­sen­ta­tives from each of the active AWSMP work­ing groups. See the indi­vid­ual pages (menu at left) for the work­ing groups and com­mit­tees for more information.

The Exec­u­tive Coun­cil brings spe­cific issues related to their work­ing group to the full Coun­cil, brings infor­ma­tion back to their work­ing group, and votes on pro­gram deci­sions dur­ing Coun­cil ses­sions. Reg­u­lar mem­bers can be any inter­ested and knowl­edge­able stake­holder who com­pletes an appli­ca­tion and has attended one Stake­holder Coun­cil meet­ing or work­ing group. The Exec­u­tive Coun­cil has vot­ing priv­i­leges, while reg­u­lar mem­bers can set agenda items, make for­mal train­ing requests, and rec­om­mend new work­ing groups. Both groups are asked to rep­re­sent AWSMP at out­side events.

The Stake­holder Coun­cil meets on a quar­terly basis. Those inter­ested in join­ing the Stake­holder Coun­cil are invited to call the AWSMP office at (845) 688‑3047.


Stake­holder Coun­cil Guidelines