Ashokan Watershed Stakeholder Council

The mission of the Ashokan Watershed Stream Management Program (AWSMP) Stakeholder Council is to provide a regular opportunity for stakeholders to offer feedback to AWSMP staff on activities related to the Watershed Program, to share information related to stream and watershed management, and to extend information back out to the watershed communities and agencies. Council members serve as ambassadors between resource managers, agencies, AWSMP, and watershed residents.

The role and purpose of the Stakeholder Council includes:

Community Relations: The Council assists in generating community support for AWSMP initiatives and helps to lessen information gaps between watershed agencies, municipalities and stakeholders.

Implementation and Evaluation: The Council collaborates with AWSMP staff to implement projects and programs, and provides review of projects for program funding.

Planning for the Future: The Council exchanges information in order to strengthen the capacity of local communities and agencies to manage streams and floodplains.

The Stakeholder Council is comprised of an Executive Council and regular members. The Executive Council includes two representatives from each of the active AWSMP working groups. See the individual pages (menu at left) for the working groups and committees for more information.

The Executive Council brings specific issues related to their working group to the full Council, brings information back to their working group, and votes on program decisions during Council sessions. Regular members can be any interested and knowledgeable stakeholder who completes an application and has attended one Stakeholder Council meeting or working group. The Executive Council has voting privileges, while regular members can set agenda items, make formal training requests, and recommend new working groups. Both groups are asked to represent AWSMP at outside events.

The Stakeholder Council meets on a quarterly basis. Those interested in joining the Stakeholder Council are invited to call the AWSMP office at (845) 688-3047.


Stakeholder Council Guidelines