Working Groups & Committees

The Stakeholder Council is informed by a number of Working Groups and Committees. Below is a description of each of the working groups with a link to their individual pages.

Highway Managers Working Group

Attended primarily by local highway department staff, engineers, and stream managers to discuss transportation infrastructure and its interaction with streams. Meets every other month.

Stream Access and Recreation Working Group

Works to improve and enhance public access to streams and stream-based recreational opportunities. Meets on a quarterly basis. Open to any stakeholder.

Education and Outreach Working Group

Works to improve the dissemination of information and offer educational programs about stream and floodplain management. Meets twice per year. Open to any stakeholder.

Flood Hazard Mitigation Working Group

A watershed-wide that works to improve community flood resilience in towns of the watershed. Open to any stakeholder. AWSMP will continue to assist the Town of Shandaken with a flood hazard mitigation initiative it formed in 2010.

Grant Review Committee

This committee reviews grant proposals and makes recommendations for funding. Recommendations for funding are brought to Stakeholder Council meetings for final vote by the Executive Council. Meetings are scheduled as needed. Committee membership is by invitation only.


The Stakeholder Council may identify projects that require an in-depth level of detail and work on a temporary or long-term basis, and form additional committees to meet this need.