Flood Hazard Mitigation Working Group

The AWSMP’s Flood Hazard Mitigation Working Group formed in 2014 to bring local officials and flood advisory committee members together to learn about flooding and flood mitigation topics, and to network with peers in adjacent towns. The working group supports Town implementation of flood hazard mitigation planning and projects. This group is related to, but independent of Town flood committees or boards; however, members from town committees are welcome and encouraged to join the working group.

The working group will be an opportunity for communities to coordinate with each other, receive technical assistance from AWSMP and other agencies, and share information on flood hazard mitigation strategies. The working group meets quarterly and operates under the guidelines of the AWSMP Stakeholder Council. Meeting minutes are below.


Shandaken Area Flood Assessment and Remediation Initiative (SAFARI)

Developed by the Town of Shandaken following major flood events in 2010, SAFARI works to improve resilience to flooding. Town of Shandaken officials led the SAFARI project through development of a Town of Shandaken Flood Mitigation Plan adopted in July 2013. The AWSMP participates in SAFARI and is providing financial assistance. Agendas and meeting minutes for the SAFARI committee are below.



Local Flood Analysis

In 2014, SAFARI, acting on behalf of the Shandaken Town Board, began the process of “Local Flood Analysis” focused on the hamlets of Phoenicia and Mt. Tremper. The process consists of two steps: 1) an engineering analysis of flood conditions and identification of potential flood mitigation projects articulated in a plan and 2) project design and implementation.

The Town of Shandaken tasked town engineer Milone & MacBroom, Inc. (MMI) with completion of the Local Flood Analysis process.  The first step – an engineering analysis and identification of flood mitigation projects, is near completion for Phoenicia and Mt. Tremper.

Below are links to Local Flood Analysis presentations and reports produced by MMI.


Esopus Creek and Stony Clove Creek Public Meeting – August 10, 2015

Mt. Tremper:

Esopus Creek and Beaver Kill Public Meeting – August 17, 2015

Combined Phoenicia and Mt. Tremper study results:

Local Flood Analysis Phoenicia and Mt Tremper Town Board Presentation – January 25, 2016

For more information about Local Flood Analysis, see: http://catskillstreams.org/lfa/