AWSMP Staff Featured on New Podcast

Posted on: November 19th, 2021 by Tim Koch

AWSMP staffers Tim Koch and Aaron Bennett are featured in the recently released “Views From the Watershed” podcast. The podcast is a self-guided audio tour of the New York City West-of-Hudson Water Supply Watershed, and features many other notable Catskills names.

Tim is in Episode #11 titled “Un-Muddying the Waters.” Recorded at the Main Street bridge in Phoenicia, Tim discusses how a project designed to improve sediment transport was used to reduce flooding on Main Street in a flood prone village built on an alluvial fan. Other topics include turbidity, the importance of riparian buffers, and climate change.

Looking upstream at the rock vane installed on the Stony Clove Creek from the Main Street bridge in Phoenicia.

Aaron is featured in Episode 12, “Tough Choices.” From a vacant lot in Boiceville, Aaron discusses the hard decisions faced by flood prone communities in the Catskills, and all over the country. He explains why building flood walls and dredging streams are no longer practical, affordable, or sustainable solutions.

Extensive flooding in Boiceville following Tropical Storm Irene, August 2011.

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