Chichester Rocks

Posted on: September 18th, 2013 by Leslie_Zucker

Most of the large rocks needed to complete a stream restoration project in Chichester have been delivered to the site. Although the colorful “rock sayings” painted on the trucks can be amusing, residents may be happy to have fewer large trucks called “Dumpasaurus” trundling down Rt. 214. The rocks are being used to construct deflector vanes, rock sills, and rock revetments in the Stony Clove Creek channel. These structures, combined with vegetation to be planted at the site, are part of a design to stabilize the channel and prevent erosion of hillsides and backyards. The Stony Clove Creek is a steep, mountain stream with a lot of power to move large boulders. According to the Ulster County Soil and Water Conservation District, the rocks being used at the site are sized to resist the high velocity flows we have historically seen in Stony Clove Creek. The Creek through the project area contains a number of large boulders and cobble that move during very high flows.  To help prevent the movement of rocks in designed structures, the rocks are buried, stacked, and positioned relative to each other. They are carefully placed at appropriate elevations to direct water over the structure without creating a barrier to fish passage.