CSBI Spring ’17 Projects

Posted on: June 26th, 2017 by Leslie_Zucker

A report on spring stream buffer plantings from Bobby Taylor of the Ulster County Soil & Water Conservation District….The Ashokan Watershed Stream Management Program continues to improve riparian buffers in the Ashokan Watershed with assistance from willing landowners through the Catskill Streams Buffer Initiative (CSBI) Program under the Ulster County Soil & Water Conservation District. Spring is often a busy planting season for improving streamside health through installation of native plants in streamside areas. Moist soils and cool temperatures allow plants to establish with less effort than in the summer months.

Two projects, the Bushkill Bioengineering Project and the Native Riparian Buffer Project at the Catskill Interpretive Center  in Mt. Tremper received some additional plantings this spring through the CSBI program.

CIC-1 2017 CSBI Credit Bobby TaylorCIC-2 2017 CSBI Credit Bobby Taylor

At the Catskill Interpretative Center, native silky dogwoods were harvested from a healthy population growing in a wetland on the property. Each resident dogwood shrub donated 3-4 stems that were cut into 2-3 foot long straight stakes, soaked over the weekend and driven upright into the moist soil adjacent to the creek, where they will sprout roots, then leaves, and eventually grow into shrubs within just a few seasons. This practice known as “Live Staking” takes advantage of a dogwoods natural ability to regenerate from cuttings. Over 150 stakes were installed along the creek upstream of the walking bridge for visitors to enjoy.

Additionally, the native wildflower and pollinator seed that was planted at the Catskill Interpretative during late fall of 2016 failed to germinate fully. Soil & Water staff were back out at the Interpretative Center in late May of 2017 to re-work the soil and try again at establishing a native pollinator friendly wildflower mix that both visitors to the center as well as winged pollinator friends can enjoy. Given the late season when seed was applied to the site, regular watering will be necessary throughout the warmer summer months.

Moran - 3 Credit Bobby Taylor

The Bushkill Bioengineering project that was installed and planted late last fall received an additional 250 native streamside trees and shrubs to enhance the riparian area. Winterberry, serviceberry, shrub dogwoods, chokeberries, birch and sycamore will complement the tens of thousands of willows and dogwoods that were planted last fall. The landowners are very happy so far with their newly installed buffer that was designed to stabilize streamside property and enhance both in-stream and riparian habitat. Staff from Ulster County Soil & Water continue to work with the landowners of the bioengineering project to remove invasive species as they sprout and keep the plants watered to ensure project success.

Moran - 4