CWC Extends Septic Repair Program throughout Watershed

Posted on: July 13th, 2018 by Leslie_Zucker

Home and small business owners throughout the New York City Catskill-Delaware Watershed may now be eligible for funds to repair or replace failed septic systems no matter their distance from a watercourse.

The Catskill Watershed Corp. (CWC) Board of Directors on July 9 removed the requirement that a septic system be within 700 feet of a watercourse. The distance requirement had been extended several times since the CWC’s Septic Rehabilitation and Replacement Program began in 1995, and now is removed entirely.

The residential septic repair program reimburses homeowners 100% of the eligible costs of septic repairs if they are permanent residents, and 60% if they are part-time residents. The Small Business Septic Program pays 75% of the cost of such repairs for businesses employing 100 or fewer people.

As of June 30, the residential program had addressed 5,368 failed septic systems in the West-of-Hudson Watershed. Twenty-four businesses have participated in the small business program.

Both programs require that septic systems pre-date November 2, 1995. Owners of systems installed since that date are eligible for the CWC’s Septic Maintenance Program which pays half the cost of pumping and inspecting systems every three years. More than 2,000 homeowners have benefitted from the maintenance program.

For information on the CWC’s septic assistance programs visit where you can find application forms (Programs) and view a short video of a septic installation project (Resources).

The CWC is a non-profit, Local Development Corporation responsible for several environmental protection, economic development and education programs in the New York City Watershed West of the Hudson River.