Peck Hollow Creek

Peck Hollow Creek

Peck Hollow’s head­wa­ters begin on the sides of Mount Sher­rill and North Dome Moun­tains in the Town of Lex­ing­ton in Greene Coun­ty, flows through the Hunter-West­kill Wilder­ness Area and the Shan­dak­en Wild For­est (in the Town of Shan­dak­en, Ulster Coun­ty) before meet­ing Peck Hol­low Road. From here the road close­ly fol­lows the stream until it emp­ties into the Eso­pus Creek. The size of the Peck Hol­low Water­shed is 5 square miles and the length of the main stem chan­nel is 5.1 miles.

Peck Hol­low Creek has not yet been assessed. A full report on Peck Hol­low Creek con­di­tions and man­age­ment rec­om­men­da­tions will be avail­able on this web­site when it becomes available.

Map of Peck Hollow Creek

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