Girl Scouts Expand Stream Buffer

Posted on: May 1st, 2019 by Leslie_Zucker

The Catskill Streams Buffer Ini­tia­tive Pro­gram (CSBI) worked with the Ashokan Ser­vice Unit Girl Scouts to expand a stream buffer at the Catskill Inter­pre­tive Cen­ter (CIC) in Mt. Trem­per last week­end. These scouts were hard core planters and put 45 native trees and shrubs and 100 bare root plants in the ground. About 23 scouts cut 30 dog­wood stems and processed them into 100 live stakes for use on oth­er project sites. They pot­ted up 50 peren­ni­al bulbs to be used in the CIC’s rain gar­den this fall. In addi­tion, the rain gar­den was weed­ed and inva­sive plants removed. Many of the scouts were stu­dents in the Onte­o­ra School Dis­trict while oth­ers were from the Hud­son Val­ley. The scouts were helped by Ulster Coun­ty Soil & Water Con­ser­va­tion Dis­tric­t’s CSBI Coor­di­na­tor Bob­by Tay­lor and 12 par­ents and scout lead­ers. Way to go girl scouts keep­ing streams healthy!

Cutting a Live Stake

CSBI Coor­di­na­tor Bob­by Tay­lor demon­strates how to cut a live stake.

Girl Scouts Planting Stream Buffer

Ashokan Ser­vice Unit Girl Scouts expand a stream buffer at the Catskill Inter­pre­tive Center.