Hurricane and Flood Preparedness

Posted on: September 7th, 2017 by Brent Gotsch

Hurricane Irma is likely to be one of the most powerful storms ever recorded and is currently on track to make landfall in the state of Florida this weekend. At this point it is unclear whether this storm will continue on with the same strength or intensity and make its way to the Northeast. Now is a good time to make preparations in case the storm does reach our watershed. A good first step to prepare for potential flooding is review AWSMP’s Flood Preparedness Guide and guides from emergency management agencies like FEMA.

It may also be useful to know if you are in a mapped flood hazard zone. You can do this by viewing paper Flood Insurance Rate Maps at your local Town Hall (also available for download from the FEMA Map Service Center) or by viewing an interactive version on the National Flood Hazard Layer or the Ulster County Parcel Viewer. Now would also be a good time to stock up extra supplies of food, water, and medicine in case there are disruptions in delivery of such items. In addition, the NY Extension Disaster Education Network (NY EDEN) has extensive information on how to prepare for flooding, hurricanes and other emergencies. By being informed and prepared we can all be more resilient in the face of natural disasters.

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