Invasive Mile-A-Minute Found in Watershed

Posted on: August 30th, 2017 by Leslie_Zucker

Mile-A-Minute, an inva­sive weed from Asia, has been known to threat­en stream­side forests. This vine is a vig­or­ous grow­er with barbed stems that smoth­ers oth­er plants and can kill mature trees and shrubs. Until last week it was on the watch list for our area. Two pop­u­la­tions have been found in the Town of Wood­stock. The Ashokan Water­shed Stream Man­age­ment Pro­gram will be attend­ing a Catskill Region­al Inva­sive Species Part­ner­ship (CRISP) meet­ing on Mile-A-Minute next Tues­day to offer resources and help strate­gize get­ting the word out to the com­mu­ni­ty on iden­ti­fy­ing the plant and address­ing doc­u­ment­ed infes­ta­tions. If you rec­og­nize this plant and think you may have it on your prop­er­ty, please con­tact the CRISP office in Mar­garetville (845) 586‑2611, or call the stream pro­gram office (845) 688‑3047 x6 and speak with our Stream Buffer Coor­di­na­tor. Ear­ly detec­tion of inva­sive species is very impor­tant for man­ag­ing prob­lem plants in ripar­i­an areas.

Mile-A-Minute weed (Persicaria perfoliate). Photo courtesy of Catskill Regional Invasive Species Partnership.

Mile-A-Minute weed (Per­si­caria per­fo­li­ate). Pho­to cour­tesy of Catskill Region­al Inva­sive Species Partnership.