Listen to Outdoor Guides of the Catskills

Posted on: July 8th, 2019 by Leslie_Zucker

Listen to an audio recording of the Phoenicia Library Jerry Bartlett Angling Collection’s latest program on outdoor guides of the Catskills called the “Adventure Experts.” The program features a panelist of local guides and an introduction by AWSMP Stakeholder Council member Mark Loete. The program was developed by Beth Waterman for the Phoenicia Library and recorded by Silver Hollow Audio.

Hear about the importance of protected natural resources to the guiding industry, the history of guiding, and what to look for in a guide for outdoor adventure in the Ashokan watershed and Catskills. Panelists include:

Will Soter, the co-founder of Upstate Adventure Guides
Hank Rope, owner of Big Indian Guide Service
Cliff Schwark, founder of the Catskill Mt. Chapter of Trout Unlimited
Patti Rudge, first woman to serve as full time NYS Forest Ranger

This event on May 11, 2019 was sponsored by the Jerry Bartlett Angling Collection and made possible with funds from the Ashokan Watershed Stream Management Program.