Mink Hollow Stream Restoration Projects Near Completion

Posted on: September 15th, 2017 by Leslie_Zucker

Two stream restoration projects treating over 2,000 feet of eroding stream channel and two large hillslopes are nearing completion in the Mink Hollow section of the Beaver Kill stream in the Town of Woodstock. The projects should end in early September. See photos of the projects below.

The two adjacent projects are overseen by the Ulster County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD). Evergreen Mountain Contracting, Inc. is constructing the projects with site inspection provided by Milone & MacBroom, Inc. (MMI), both are under contract with SWCD. The projects are funded by the NYC Department of Environmental Protection.

Working under permits issued by the NYSDEC, US Army Corps of Engineers, and the NYC DEP, water is diverted around the project sites so that sediment is not released downstream during construction.


Stream flows are pumped into a pipe located upstream of construction and diverted around the project sites. The water is released back into the Beaver Kill below the sites.

Re-Graded Hillslope

One of two eroding hillslopes was regraded and a y-shaped surface drain installed. The slope has been seeded with a native plant mix. The green color is the mulch applied to the seeded area.

Bank Excavation

Construction contractor Evergreen Mountain Contracting, Inc. excavated a bank to install a log rock revetment. About 24 loads of soil were removed to a nearby quarry during the morning we visited.

The log rock revetment will protect the streambank from erosion until roots from replanted native vegetation grow and add additional resistance.


Site Managers

Here Adam Doan, Project Manager for the Ulster County SWCD and Christopher Barto, Civil Engineer with MMI review the project design plans on-site.