New Hikes in the Watershed

Posted on: May 21st, 2014 by Leslie_Zucker

The New York-New Jer­sey Trail Con­fer­ence and part­ners announced the open­ing of a new Long Path trail sec­tion that con­nects the ham­let of Phoeni­cia with the Bur­roughs Range Trail in the Slide Moun­tain Wilder­ness. A cel­e­bra­tion of the trail open­ing is planned for Sat­ur­day, June 7. The trail­head is locat­ed at the end of Lane Street and takes the Long Path off Wood­land Val­ley Rd. The trail trav­els over three moun­tain peaks (Romer, Cross & Pleas­ant Moun­tains) and past scenic vis­tas. Trav­el along the Eso­pus Creek to reach a hike up the Catskil­l’s high­est peak Slide Moun­tain. The Catskill Moun­tain Club is host­ing the hike on Sun­day, June 22. After a great view from the top of Slide, the hike will descend into the col and then up Cor­nell Moun­tain for anoth­er great view of the high peaks.