New Statewide Ban Invasive Species

Posted on: March 10th, 2015 by Leslie_Zucker

New NYS regulations prohibiting and regulating the possession, transport, importation, sale, purchase, and introduction of certain invasive species take effect March 10. (If a prohibited species is already present on your property you are not required to remove it.) While some of the prohibited species already have a strong presence within the Ashokan watershed, the regulations should go a long way with preventing new plant invasions of our backyards, forests, and floodplains. Invasive plants by definition are aggressive growers, and sometimes dominate or alter entire native plant communities by out-competing and crowding out native plants. Streamside areas are particularly vulnerable to invasion. Flowing water itself is a natural seed disperser, riparian birds and mammals spread seeds, and flooding plays a large role in spreading invasive plants, particularly species that grow from broken plant fragments. For assistance with establishing or enhancing a native streamside plant community, contact the Catskill Streams Buffer Initiative program at (845) 688-3047, Ext. 6.