New Student Video on Importance of Streams

Posted on: August 13th, 2018 by Leslie_Zucker

The Water­shed Detec­tives Club at the Ben­nett Ele­men­tary School have pro­duced a new video titled “The Impor­tance of Streams” with assis­tance from the AWSMP. The 30-minute sci­ence edu­ca­tion video is now online for all to see! Water­shed Detec­tives Club is an after-school sci­ence club where stu­dents learn about streams and the Ashokan Reser­voir water­shed, part of the NYC Drink­ing Water Sup­ply Sys­tem. Stu­dents made the video after a year study­ing local streams, water qual­i­ty, and water conservation.

This moti­vat­ed group of fourth, fifth and sixth-grade stu­dents were involved in all aspects of the movie-mak­ing process. They worked as actors, direc­tors, cam­era, light and sound tech­ni­cians, cue card hold­ers and even caterers.

Stu­dents pro­duced the video over a three-month peri­od with the assis­tance of their club advi­sor, Matt Savat­gy, a youth edu­ca­tor with Cor­nell Coop­er­a­tive Exten­sion of Ulster Coun­ty (CCEUC), and retired Onte­o­ra teacher and video­g­ra­ph­er David Laks. The video was made pos­si­ble with edu­ca­tion fund­ing pro­vid­ed by the New York City Depart­ment of Envi­ron­men­tal Protection.

The video serves as a use­ful tool for ele­men­tary school teach­ers or any­one eager to learn more about their local water resources. Edu­ca­tion­al insti­tu­tions can con­tact the AWSMP office for a free DVD copy at (845) 688‑3047.