Featured Project: Aquatic & Riparian Habitat

The Ashokan Watershed Stream Management Program awarded the Town of Woodstock a $29,000 grant to cover partial costs to complete Habitat Mapping for the Town of Woodstock. The grant covered hiring Hudsonia Ltd., a not-for-profit environmental sciences organization, to complete field survey and develop a map and report describing the diverse habitats in the Town. The maps produced will aide the town with planning, development, and conservation decisions. Mapping was completed over a two-year period through the summer of 2012. The maps and report identify significant habitats and associated wildlife found within stream corridors of the Beaver Kill, Little Beaver Kill, and Warner Creek tributaries to the Esopus Creek. The Wood Turtle is a stream corridor species of conservation concern and interest found in these drainages.

See Hudsonia’s report and the Town of Woodstock habitat map for more information on conserving natural areas in stream corridors and wood turtles and their habitat in the Ashokan Watershed.

Sampling vegetation at Yankeetown Pond

Researchers from Hudsonia take samples from Yankeetown Pond, near Woodstock. Photo courtesy of Violet Snow, Woodstock Times.