Riparian Plants Arrive

Posted on: October 23rd, 2013 by Leslie_Zucker

The Ashokan Watershed Stream Management Program’s Catskill Streams Buffer Initiative (CSBI) Program run through Ulster County Soil & Water Conservation District received their shipment of plant materials for fall projects this week. The shipment contained around 1600 1-2 gallon containerized trees and shrubs, all native to the Ashokan Watershed. The plants will be used to jumpstart riparian buffer re-forestation at our completed stream restoration project sites and on private property to protect streambanks for landowners who signed up for the program. CSBI’s largest fall planting is at a project site on Warner Creek off Silver Hollow Road in Chichester, where almost 1,200 plants will be installed.

The AWSMP’s Catskill Streams Buffer Initiative program works to assist landowners in sustainable stewardship of their riparian lands through protection, enhancement, restoration and management in the Ashokan Watershed. For more information, contact the AWSMP office at (845) 688-3047.