Stream Projects Advancing

Posted on: August 14th, 2014 by Leslie_Zucker

A stream restora­tion project at the con­flu­ence of Stony Clove Creek and Warn­er Creek is about 60% com­plete and advanc­ing quick­ly toward its fin­ish this year. Con­trac­tor Bak­er Broth­ers Exca­vat­ing will install the final two grade con­trol struc­tures at the down­stream end of the project site. Water will be divert­ed around this sec­tion of the stream next week. Then the stream bed will be restored to a nat­ur­al state, includ­ing large boul­ders one expects to see on this stretch of Stony Clove Creek. On the Warn­er Creek sec­tion of the project, fin­ish­ing touch­es will be a stacked rock wall and reveg­e­ta­tion of the right bank. The Town of Shan­dak­en expects the project to be com­plet­ed by Sep­tem­ber 30 or short­ly after.  A sec­ond stream restora­tion project will begin lat­er this year on the Stony Clove Creek at Stony Clove Lane. Con­trac­tor bids will be received on Mon­day and the bid announce­ment will be post­ed this week.

Contractors install metal sheet piling to provide grade control in the Stony Clove Creek near Silver Hollow Road. Sheet piling is the only material strong enough to stop the stream bed from eroding downward in this steep section of the stream.

Con­trac­tors install met­al sheet pil­ing to pro­vide grade con­trol on the Stony Clove Creek near Sil­ver Hol­low Road. Sheet pil­ing is the only mate­r­i­al strong enough to stop the stream bed from erod­ing down­ward in this steep sec­tion of the stream.