Stream Restoration Project Advances

Posted on: October 6th, 2015 by Leslie_Zucker

A project to restore channel stability and stop bank erosion on the Stony Clove Creek at Wright Road is mid-way through completion. Sediment that accumulated during Tropical Storm Irene was moved from the channel’s center and water now flows in a single thread down the valley. The project is located about one-mile north of Lanesville in Greene County. Work is expected to continue through October.


Kingston Equipment Rental, Inc.-Baker Brothers Excavating out of West Hurley is building the project. The project was designed by consulting firm Milone and MacBroom, Inc.

The channel has been engineered to pass different sizes of flows, while maintaining a stable dimension and profile. The channel bed and banks were unstable and eroding before the project began.


A Baker Brothers operator precisely regrades a failing hillslope with an excavator, overseen by site foreman Mike Vandebogart. This newly created floodplain bench will be revegetated after stream work ends.


Surveys are done and logs maintained to confirm the project is built as planned.


Each day a number of project staff are on-site, including equipment operators and the site foreman for Baker Brothers Excavating, a representative from engineering firm Milone and MacBroom, and a project manager with the Ulster County Soil and Water Conservation District.


Vernon Bevan (left) is the on-site representative for engineering firm Milone and MacBroom. Adam Doan (right) is the stream project manager with Ulster County Soil and Water Conservation District.

This stream restoration is funded by the Ashokan Watershed Stream Management Program and the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Emergency Watershed Protection Program. The Town of Hunter is the project sponsor.

For more information, contact the AWSMP at (845) 688-3047.







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