SWCD Monitoring Effects of High Flows

Posted on: February 26th, 2016 by Leslie_Zucker

Staff from the Ulster County Soil and Water Conservation District went out Thursday morning to monitor the effects of high flows that occurred after Wednesday night rains. The assessment crew visited several large stream restoration projects to see how they performed under higher flows. The projects were completed in recent years and experienced flood stage for the first time on Stony Clove Creek at Wright Road, Stony Clove Lane, and near Chichester.

Quite a few streams in the Ashokan watershed approached or exceeded bankfull stage. A stream is at bankfull when water just begins to spill out of the channel onto the floodplain. Streams that approached or exceeded bankfull stage were the Birch Creek, Woodland Creek, Hollow Tree Brook (a tributary to the Stony Clove), and the Stony Clove Creek, Little Beaver Kill and Esopus Creek at Coldbrook. The Bush Kill was just under bankfull.

Soil and Water District staff flagged high water marks from Thursday’s event to survey later, and will do more extensive survey after the water goes down. The crew took photos to capture some of the impacts. They also visited USGS stream gage sites at Woodland Creek and Little Beaver Kill to observe bankfull conditions.

At most locations, stream flows peaked during the night, but if you do have photos of a site that experienced a lot of change, send them to the Stream Program office at info@ashokanstreams.org or call us at (845) 688-3047.

Flood Stage Indicator 2-25-16

The line of debris and flattened vegetation indicate where flows peaked along Stony Clove Creek.