Visit AWSMP at the Ulster County Fair

Posted on: July 23rd, 2015 by Leslie_Zucker

On Friday, July 31, AWSMP staff members from both Cornell Cooperative Extension of Ulster County and the Ulster County Soil and Water Conservation District will be at the Ulster County Fair performing a stream table demonstration. The demo will run from 11:00am to 3:00pm and will be held in the Jane W. Barley Youth Building.

Manufactured by Little River Research and Design, the Emriver stream table simulates river processes by utilizing a specially designed aluminum table supported by saw horses and connected to a large 27 gallon reservoir by plastic tubing. An electric pump moves water from the reservoir to the end of the table that pours over a colored thermoset plastic medium that mimics the weight and consistency of real sand. The force of the water is controlled by a throttle to simulate draughty, normal, or flood conditions. The water interacts with the medium showing users how natural erosion and shaping of stream channels takes place. Different demonstrations such as placing bridges, culverts, riprap or even vegetation using plastic props can be used with the table to show how these items affect the evolution of streams. Using hands or tools to scoop out sediment can show how real-life actions such as channel straightening or dredging impacts stream stability. The stream table is a great teaching tool to educate others in a relatively short amount of time about processes that shape and affect streams over decades or centuries.

So come on out to the fair and stop by the Youth Building to see AWSMP and the stream table in action. Be sure to check out the other exhibits and pick up one of the 4-H program’s famous milkshakes at the snack bar. See you at the fair!

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