Volunteers Help to Restore Stony Clove Creek

Posted on: April 26th, 2017 by Leslie_Zucker

TU Stream Buffer Planting April 2017

About 30 volunteers came out on Saturday to plant 800 trees, shrubs, and willows along a restored section of channel and hillslope on the Stony Clove Creek at Wright Road. The event was organized by Trout Unlimited with assistance from the Ulster County Soil & Water Conservation District’s Adam Doan. TU members from both the Catskill Mountain and Ashokan-Pepacton chapters participated. The hard-working volunteers planted all of the bare roots and live stakes in 2 hours – impressive! Adam says, “We really appreciate the volunteer effort and the amount of work that was done in a short time. It’s nice to know we’ll have a shared sense of ownership of the project as we watch the forest return.”

Native vegetation is a critical component of the stream restoration project that will help to stabilize soils that were contributing to the hillslope failure. The planting reconnects the hillslope with the surrounding forested stream corridor.

The woody plants will eventually shade the stream and cool water temperatures; cold water is needed by trout.