Warner Creek-Stony Clove Creek Project Underway

Posted on: November 22nd, 2013 by Leslie_Zucker

The AWSMP in part­ner­ship with the Town of Shan­dak­en has embarked on its third major stream restora­tion project in 2013.  The project is locat­ed approx­i­mate­ly 1,000-ft upstream of the Sil­ver Hol­low Road bridge at the con­flu­ence of Stony Clove and Warn­er Creeks in the ham­let of Chich­ester. The goals of the project are to sta­bi­lize road embank­ments along St. Rt. 214 and Town of Shan­dak­en’s Sil­ver Hol­low Rd., as well as arrest poten­tial head­cuts. Head­cuts are steep ele­va­tion changes in the bed of the stream chan­nel that migrate upstream. They cause stream bank ero­sion that threat­ens infra­struc­ture and prop­er­ty, and pro­duce excess sed­i­ment that trav­els down­stream. Project con­struc­tion began around Veteran’s Day and is expect­ed to end ear­ly next spring. The con­struc­tion bid was won by Kingston Equip­ment Rental/Baker Broth­ers Exca­vat­ing from West Hur­ley, NY. The con­sult­ing firm Milone & MacB­room, Inc. was hired to devel­op the project design. The AWSMP is sup­ply­ing the Town of Shan­dak­en with local match to fed­er­al Emer­gency Water­shed Pro­tec­tion funds to com­plete the project. Project work will con­tin­ue over win­ter if the weath­er con­tin­ues to coop­er­ate. In the event of sig­nif­i­cant wet snow and sleet, the project will be sus­pend­ed. If this hap­pens, the site will be sta­bi­lized and pro­tect­ed until con­di­tions improve next spring.