Watershed Animal Spotlight: Bald Eagle

Posted on: September 1st, 2020 by Brent Gotsch

Bald Eagle Title Slide



Catch­ing a glimpse of a bald eagle soar­ing through the air can be incred­i­bly excit­ing. This expe­ri­ence is becom­ing increas­ing­ly com­mon here in the Ashokan Water­shed. The reser­voir and its sur­round­ing forests and streams pro­vide ide­al habi­tat for these large birds of prey.

Your best chances of spot­ting an eagle local­ly are while walk­ing on the prom­e­nade at the Ashokan dam, explor­ing the open-water sec­tions of the Ashokan Rail Trail or by spend­ing time along the Upper Eso­pus Creek. It is not unusu­al to see a bald eagle silent­ly glid­ing above the water’s sur­face in search of a meal.

If you are for­tu­nate enough to encounter one, it is an expe­ri­ence you are like­ly to not soon for­get. To learn more about these majes­tic birds, check out our bald eagle resource page. The site includes videos, fact sheets, activ­i­ty pages, relat­ed links, and a quiz. For more infor­ma­tion about the Ashokan Water­shed Stream Man­age­ment Pro­gram, vis­it ashokanstreams.org.