Willow Cuttings Needed

Posted on: October 7th, 2013 by Leslie_Zucker

The AWSMP’s stream buffer program is looking for landowners willing to have Soil and Water Conservation District staff cut back shrub willows growing on their property. The willow cuttings will not kill the willows and would be done in a selective matter. SWCD wants to use the native willow in buffer plantings along streams. During stream restoration projects the stem cuttings are driven into the ground like a wooden stake and if conditions are moist enough, will sprout new shoots and roots from the stem. Shrub willows are distinguished from tree willows by their multiple stems and are generally under 10-feet in height. If you have shrub willows on your property ready for pruning, call Bobby Taylor at 845-688-3047, or by email at bobby.taylor@ashokanstreams.org.