Woodland Valley Creek Stream Management Plan Now Available for Free Download

Posted on: June 4th, 2018 by Tim Koch

The AWSMP has released a new stream management plan for Woodland Valley Creek. Stream management plans (SMPs) are one of the most valuable resources that the AWSMP creates for streamside residents and communities. They consist of detailed information about stream conditions as well as recommendations that landowners can use to make effective and sustainable stream management decisions.

Woodland Valley Creek’s 6.3 mile long mainstem is divided into seven management units (MUs) and each MU has its own chapter. To put the SMP to use for you, simply download the document, determine which MU you call home (see the map below), navigate to that chapter and start reading.

Woodland Management Units

Woodland Valley Creek’s seven management units.


Each MU chapter discuses the following topics in great detail: flood threats, bank erosion that¬†is encroaching on private or public property, invasive species, at-risk infrastructure, and historic channel conditions that show how the stream has moved across the valley floor over time. (See the image below that shows how Woodland Valley Creek in MU-5 has moved, or “avulsed” since 1959.) Each MU chapter has a foot by foot description of stream features. These sections read like a travel book. Along the way, points of interest and concern are discussed in detail as well as the complex processes that have shaped the current stream channel. It’s like taking a walking tour with your own personal stream expert.

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Landowners are encouraged to consult the SMP for recommended actions in their specific section of stream. Typical recommendation strategies include: stabilizing severe bank erosion sites, improving road-stream crossings, and restoring riparian vegetation. Woodland Creek landowners can receive free assistance with restoring riparian vegetation through the Catskill Streams Buffer Initiative (CSBI) at the AWSMP. Landowners and resource managers can schedule a free site consultation with SWCD by calling (845) 688-3047.

The AWSMP provides funding to municipalities for stream projects that implement stream management plan recommendations.

To obtain a copy of the Woodland Creek Stream Management Plan, go to https://ashokanstreams.org/publications-resources/stream-management-plans/.