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Around the Watershed

Birds are on the move!

You may have noticed the new sounds and activities of birds in recent days. That’s because bird migration is fully underway and birds are arriving in the watershed daily. To get a sense of how bird migration is progressing visit the BirdCast Migration Dashboard at https://dashboard.birdcast.info/region/US-NY-111. They estimate overnight from Wednesday to Friday, 10,900 birds […]

Esopus Creek News Just Released!

A new edition of the Esopus Creek News newsletter is in the mail to watershed residents. You can read a digital version of the newsletter here. In this issue we talk about methods for managing sediment where it causes problems by accumulating in stream channels. The historical practice of dredging has been replaced by engineered […]

Stream Management Funding Available

Government agencies, non-profit organizations, schools, and universities may now apply to the Ashokan Watershed Stream Management Program (AWSMP) for stream management grants through March 9, 2022.  Grant categories include education, research, planning, infrastructure improvement, and stream restoration. Projects must be located in the Ashokan Reservoir watershed. For more information and application materials, visit the Stream Management Implementation Program […]

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