Conferences & Training

A primary mission of the Ashokan Watershed Stream Management Program (AWSMP) is to provide educational opportunities for watershed residents to learn about stream science and how it’s applied to managing our watershed. We provide multiple events designed to educate landowners, municipal officials, highway departments, youth and the public. Throughout the year we hold conferences, workshops, trainings and educational meetings.

Some of the major training opportunities we offer include:

Stream Manager Trainings

  • Post-Flood Emergency Response
  • Applied River Geomorphology
  • Stream Passage Sizing
  • Streambank Bioengineering
  • Stream Processes
  • Computer Modeling

Flood Preparedness and Mitigation Training

  • NYS Floodplain & Stormwater Annual Meeting
  • Certified Floodplain Manager
  • National Flood Insurance Program
  • Flood Hazard Mitigation

Major conferences we offer:

Ashokan Watershed Conference

Catskill Environmental Research & Monitoring Conference

Stream Explorers Youth Adventure

Not all conferences and trainings are offered annually. For more information on upcoming events, check our News & Events listing. Also consider joining an AWSMP Stakeholder Council working group to learn more about stream management topics.