Action Plans

The Ashokan Water­shed Stream Man­age­ment Pro­gram (AWSMP) pro­duces a two-year Action Plan that guides pro­gram activ­i­ties and fund­ing pri­or­i­ties. The Action Plan iden­ti­fies planned activ­i­ties, accom­plish­ments, and next steps in sup­port of the rec­om­men­da­tions derived from stream man­age­ment plans and work­ing group input. The Action Plans are annu­al­ly updat­ed with new infor­ma­tion about the water­shed and feed­back from cit­i­zens; local, state and coun­ty gov­ern­ment; and oth­er organizations.

This Action Plan is divid­ed into key pro­gram­mat­ic areas:

  • Pro­tect­ing and enhanc­ing the integri­ty and water qual­i­ty of the stream systems
  • Flood­plain man­age­ment and planning
  • High­way infra­struc­ture man­age­ment in con­junc­tion with streams
  • Assis­tance to stream­side landown­ers (pub­lic and private)
  • Pro­tect­ing and enhanc­ing aquat­ic and ripar­i­an habi­tat and ecosystems
  • Enhanc­ing pub­lic access to streams


The process for updat­ing the Action Plan begins in August and goes through the end of April. The pro­gram staff wel­comes com­ments from the pub­lic about the Action Plan.

Action Plans

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