Action Plans

The Ashokan Watershed Stream Management Program (AWSMP) produces a two-year Action Plan that guides program activities and funding priorities. The Action Plan identifies planned activities, accomplishments, and next steps in support of the recommendations derived from stream management plans and working group input. The Action Plans are annually updated with new information about the watershed and feedback from citizens; local, state and county government; and other organizations.

This Action Plan is divided into key programmatic areas:

  • Protecting and enhancing the integrity and water quality of the stream systems
  • Floodplain management and planning
  • Highway infrastructure management in conjunction with streams
  • Assistance to streamside landowners (public and private)
  • Protecting and enhancing aquatic and riparian habitat and ecosystems
  • Enhancing public access to streams


The process for updating the Action Plan begins in August and goes through the end of April. The program staff welcomes comments from the public about the Action Plan.

Action Plans

2017-2019 Action Plan

2016-2018 Action Plan

2015-2017 Action Plan

2014-2016 Action Plan

2013-2015 Action Plan

2012 Action Plan Update

2011-2013 Action Plan

2010 Action Plan Update

2009-2011 Action Plan