Our Team

The Ashokan Watershed Stream Management Program (AWSMP) is a collaborative effort of Cornell Cooperative Extension of Ulster County, Ulster County Soil and Water Conservation District, and the New York City Department of Environmental Protection.

Each participating agency has different roles and responsibilities described below.

  • Cornell Cooperative Extension of Ulster County (CCEUC)
  • Ulster County Soil & Water Conservation District (UCSWCD)
  • New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)
  • The Ulster County Department of Environment works with the AWSMP under contract with CCEUC and stations an Environmental Planner in the watershed.

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Ulster County (CCEUC)

Building Capacity in the Ashokan Watershed

CCE coordinates the activities of the Ashokan Watershed Stakeholder Council and associated Working Groups, including working groups focused on education and outreach, stream projects related to infrastructure, stream access and recreation, and flood hazard mitigation.

Program Planning

CCE, UCSWCD, and DEP co-develop an Action Plan. CCE assists watershed towns with adopting Stream Management Plans, and helps to coordinate flood response. CCE works with stakeholder groups to manage invasive species, develop education and outreach strategies, and conduct environmental research and monitoring. CCE participates in developing new or updated Stream Management Plans.

Education and Outreach

CCE is responsible for providing education programs, trainings, and information to stakeholders. This includes publication of a newsletter, brochures, and fact sheets. Training programs are geared toward stream managers, consulting engineers, and other professionals. Watershed conferencescommunity events and volunteer opportunities are offered annually.

Stream Management Program Implementation Fund

CCE administers the Stream Management Implementation Fund by developing grant guidelines, coordinating grant review, disbursing funds, and pursuing additional grant opportunities to supplement the Fund.

AWSMP Office in Shokan

CCE provides general office and administrative support to the program.

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Ulster County Staff

Leslie Zucker
Program Manager
(845) 688-3047 (Shokan)

Tim Koch
Stream Education Leader
(845) 688-3047 (Shokan)

Matt Savatgy
Youth Education Leader
(845) 657-7383 (Onteora School District)

Danielle White
Community Educator
(845) 688-3047 (Shokan)

Laura Gust
Education Program Administrator
(845) 688-3047 (Shokan)

Jared Buono
Executive Director
Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) of Ulster County
(845) 340-3990 (Kingston)

Ulster County Soil & Water Conservation District (UCSWCD)

Participation in the Ashokan Watershed Advisory Council and Working Group

UCSWCD participates in most working groups and takes the lead role in the Highway Manager’s Working Group. UCSWCD co-develops an Action Plan with CCE and DEP.

Stream Assessment and Management Plan Development

UCSWCD is responsible for diagnostic assessment of streams and associated riparian corridors, and developing a GIS database of stream conditions. UCSWCD implements long-term monitoring of stream conditions in the watershed, participates in assessment and control of invasive species, and develops management strategies and recommendations for action.

Design and Implemention of Stream BMPs

UCSWCD provides in-house and contracted assessment and design services for the construction of large-scale stream restoration projects in the watershed (with an emphasis on improving water quality), as well as projects designed to stabilize streambanks and reduce hydraulic constriction from under-sized bridges or culverts. In addition, UCSWCD provides project sponsors with permit and bidding support and construction supervision.

Catskill Streams Buffer Initiative

UCSWCD coordinates the Catskill Streams Buffer Initiative (CSBI) for the Ashokan Watershed. The overall goal of CSBI is to inform and assist landowners, both public and private, in better stewardship of their streamside areas through protection, enhancement, management or restoration.

Ulster County Soil and Water Conservation District Staff

Adam Doan
Stream Project Manager
(845) 688-3047 (Shokan)

Bobby Taylor
Catskill Streams Buffer Initiative Coordinator
(845) 688-3047 (Shokan)

Allison Lent
Stream Assessment Coordinator
(845) 688-3047 (Shokan)

Mark Tollefson
Watershed Technician
(845) 688-3047 (Shokan)

Jake Wedemeyer
Executive Director
Ulster County Soil and Water Conservation District
(845) 883-7162 (Highland)

New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)

DEP provides funding, contract management, and technical expertise in science-based stream management strategies and practice. DEP staff scientists provide expertise on sediment management and the associated water quality issue of turbidity. DEP participates in the Ashokan Watershed Stakeholder Council and all working group meetings.

New York City Department of Environmental Protection Staff

Dave Burns
Project Manager
(845) 340-7852  (Kingston)

Elizabeth Reichheld
Section Chief
Bureau of Water Supply
(845) 340-7838  (Kingston)

Ulster County Department of Environment

Heidi Emrich
Environmental Planner
(845) 688-3047 (Shokan)