Our Areas of Focus

Esopus Creek

The mission of the Ashokan Watershed Stream Management Program (AWSMP) is to work in partnership with communities to protect and restore stream corridor stability and ecosystem integrity in the Ashokan Watershed. Under this mission, there are six specific areas of focus for the program: Water Quality, Streamside Infrastructure, Floodplain Management, Landowner Assistance, Aquatic and Riparian Habitat, and Public Stream Access. Link to the following pages for more information on AWSMP activities in each area:

Water Quality

Water quality issues in the watershed are addressed through stream corridor assessments, the development of stream management plans, and stream restoration and stabilization projects working with landowners and municipalities. Education programs deliver information and training to stream managers on appropriate best management practices for improving water quality in the Ashokan Watershed. We also offer educational opportunities to area students and the general public to learn about stream processes, water quality, habitat, and the watershed environment.

Streamside Infrastructure

Funding, technical assistance, and trainings are made available to communities for managing culverts, bridges, and roadways using best management practices.

Floodplain Management

Assistance is provided to communities for assessing and mitigating flood and erosion hazards. Funding is available to support engineering analyses, flood hazard mitigation planning, and project implementation. AWSMP is available to assist stream managers and residents after major flood events.

Landowner Assistance

Residents, landowners or contractors with stream management questions or issues can contact the AWSMP office at (845) 688-3047. Assistance is available for general questions and the design and installation of buffer plantings.

Aquatic and Riparian Habitat

We work with partners to study aquatic ecosystems and incorporate aquatic habitat improvements into stream restoration and stabilization projects.

Public Stream Access

Stream access and recreation covers a variety of topics, from developing new stream access points and educational sites, to understanding and providing input on the operation of the Shandaken Tunnel. We are investigating opportunities for multi-use, low-impact trails within stream corridors and the economic benefits of stream-based recreation and tourism.