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The Trib Now Available

Posted on: August 1st, 2022 by Leslie_Zucker

The summer edition of The Trib is now available, with news on stream management from around the Ashokan Reservoir watershed. This newsletter contains links to new publications for stream managers. Learn about a big stream restoration project underway on the Stony Clove Creek north of Lanesville. See a listing of other news and summer events. The full length print edition of the Esopus Creek News will return this fall. To sign up for either the email or print version, contact

Three people examine a stream channel with measuring tape and clipboards in hand
The AWSMP stream assessment field crew conducting a “Stream Feature Inventory” on the Panther Kill stream.

Esopus Creek News Just Released!

Posted on: March 3rd, 2022 by Leslie_Zucker

A new edition of the Esopus Creek News newsletter is in the mail to watershed residents. You can read a digital version of the newsletter here. In this issue we talk about methods for managing sediment where it causes problems by accumulating in stream channels. The historical practice of dredging has been replaced by engineered sediment management. Newer methods let the stream do as much of the work as possible. This lowers the cost of managing sediment over the long-term, particularly where sediment interferes with bridges and culverts. We give the Phoenicia Main Street bridge as an example. This edition also includes information on risk and flood insurance for property owners at some distance from the active stream channel. They may not want to give up worrying about flood damage! And we recognize local towns and Ulster County for the great work they accomplished managing streams and reducing flood risks in 2021. For youth we feature a student video chock full of fun facts about streams that all ages can enjoy. Plus, learn more about one of the most adorable stream-loving animals: otters!

River Otter by Eric Johnston

Esopus Creek News Now Available

Posted on: March 14th, 2021 by Leslie_Zucker

The winter edition of the Esopus Creek News is now available online and for the first time, is accessible for readers with a print impairment. The AWSMP worked with Stephanie Blackman Design in Chichester, NY to make our newsletter more accessible. If you experience any issues reading the newsletter, please let us know. We are working to improve accessibility of our publications for all residents.

This issue of the newsletter reports on the “Christmas Day” 2020 flood in the watershed, flooding resources for homeowners, stream restoration plans, how to recognize a new invasive pest in the watershed, recent town-led stream culvert improvement projects, and some information on how streams handle a wide range of flows. We hope you enjoy this edition of the Esopus Creek News newsletter!