Technical Data & Resources

The reports on this page pro­vide tech­ni­cal infor­ma­tion gen­er­at­ed through stud­ies, engi­neer­ing analy­sis, and project assess­ments over the years. Most of the report­ed stud­ies were com­plet­ed with fund­ing from the Ashokan Water­shed Stream Man­age­ment Pro­gram. While these doc­u­ments may be most use­ful for stream man­agers and researchers, any­one is wel­come to access and read them.

Research Strategy

2018 Research, Assess­ment and Mon­i­tor­ing Strat­e­gy for the Ashokan Watershed

2007 Aquat­ic Ecosys­tem Research & Assess­ment Strat­e­gy for the Upper Eso­pus Creek

Stream Project Reports

Project Report: Below Fawn Hill, Wood­land Val­ley Road Bank Sta­bi­liza­tion Project, Town of Shan­dak­en, Ulster Coun­ty, NY

Stream Corridor Studies

Water Quality

Malt­by Hol­low Brook Stream Fea­ture Inven­to­ry and Man­age­ment Recommendations

Sus­pend­ed-Sed­i­ment and Tur­bid­i­ty Respons­es to Sed­i­ment and Tur­bid­i­ty Reduc­tion Projects in the Beaver Kill, Stony Clove Creek, and Warn­er Creek Water­shed, New York

Tur­bid­i­ty and sus­pend­ed sed­i­ment in the Upper Eso­pus Creek water­shed, Ulster Coun­ty, New York

Project Report: Using Bank Assess­ment for Non-point source Con­se­quences of Sed­i­ment (BANCS) mod­el to pri­or­i­tize poten­tial stream bank ero­sion on Birch Creek, Shan­dak­en, New York

Project Report: Per­sis­tence of Large Woody Debris in Wood­land Val­ley Creek, Town of Shan­dak­en, Ulster Coun­ty, New York

Diag­nos­tic Assess­ment of Warn­er Creek, Catskill Moun­tains, NY — Three Years of Stu­dent Con­duct­ed Research: Con­clu­sions and Implications


Changes in Growth of Rain­bow Trout in a Catskill Moun­tain Reser­voir Fol­low­ing Alewife and White Perch Introductions

Long-Term Trends in Nat­u­ral­ized Rain­bow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) Pop­u­la­tions in the Upper Eso­pus Creek, Ulster Coun­ty, New York, 2009–15

Effects of an Extreme Flood on Aquat­ic Bio­ta in a Catskill Moun­tain Riv­er — Short Report

Effects of an Extreme Flood on Aquat­ic Bio­ta in a Catskill Moun­tain Riv­er — Full Jour­nal Article

Effects of Anthro­pogenic Stream Alter­ation on Brown Trout Habi­tat, Move­ment and Physiology


Sig­nif­i­cant Habi­tats in the Town of Wood­stock, Ulster Coun­ty, New York

Invasive Species

Didy­mo­sphe­nia gem­i­na­ta in the Upper Eso­pus Creek: Cur­rent Sta­tus, Vari­abil­i­ty, and Con­trol­ling Factors

Didy­mo­sphe­nia gem­i­na­ta (Rock Snot) in the New York City Water­shed — Fac­tors that Affect the Growth, Spa­tial Dis­tri­b­u­tion, and Tim­ing of the Didy­mo Bloom in the Eso­pus Creek (2010–2012)

Didy­mo on the Move: A Spa­tial Analy­sis of Didy­mo­sphe­nia gem­i­na­ta (didy­mo) in Catskills, New York

The Effect of Didy­mo­sphe­nia gem­i­na­ta (Didy­mo) on Macroin­ver­te­brate Com­mu­ni­ties in Eso­pus Creek, NY

Addi­tion­al tech­ni­cal infor­ma­tion can be found in Stream Man­age­ment Plans pro­duced for streams in the Ashokan Watershed.

Riparian Corridors

Inven­to­ry, Clas­si­fi­ca­tion, and Descrip­tion of Ripar­i­an Nat­ur­al Com­mu­ni­ty Ref­er­ence Types for Ashokan Water­shed, New York, Final Tech­ni­cal Report, Decem­ber 2012

Conference Presentations and Posters

See addi­tion­al study results pre­sent­ed at the Catskill Envi­ron­men­tal Research & Mon­i­tor­ing Con­fer­ence.