Technical Data & Resources

The reports on this page provide technical information generated through studies, engineering analysis, and project assessments over the years. Most of the reported studies were completed with funding from the Ashokan Watershed Stream Management Program. While these documents may be most useful for stream managers and researchers, anyone is welcome to access and read them.

Ashokan Watershed Research Strategy

2018 Research, Assessment and Monitoring Strategy for the Ashokan Watershed

2007 Aquatic Ecosystem Research & Assessment Strategy for the Upper Esopus Creek

Multi-Objective Stream Crossing Assessment Protocol (MOSCAP)

Field Data Collection Instruction Manual (accessible, 12.3 MB)

Instruction Manual Appendices: Geomorphic & Structural Condition Rating Guidance (accessible, 12.3 MB)

Interactive Field Data Sheet (accessible, 220 KB)

Customizable Scoring & Prioritization Guidance (accessible, 1.3 MB)

Stream Corridor Studies

Water Quality

Bed-Material Transport in the Upper Esopus Creek Watershed, Ulster and Greene Counties, New York, 2017-20

Turbidity-Suspended-Sediment Concentration Regression Equations for Monitoring Stations in the Upper Esopus Creek Watershed, Ulster County, New York, 2016-19, USGS Open File Report 2021-1065

Upper Esopus Creek Watershed Turbidity/Suspended Sediment Monitoring Study: Biennial Status Report, March 2021

Maltby Hollow Brook Stream Feature Inventory and Management Recommendations

Suspended-Sediment and Turbidity Responses to Sediment and Turbidity Reduction Projects in the Beaver Kill, Stony Clove Creek, and Warner Creek Watershed, New York

Turbidity and suspended sediment in the Upper Esopus Creek watershed, Ulster County, New York

Project Report: Using Bank Assessment for Non-point source Consequences of Sediment (BANCS) model to prioritize potential stream bank erosion on Birch Creek, Shandaken, New York

Project Report: Persistence of Large Woody Debris in Woodland Valley Creek, Town of Shandaken, Ulster County, New York

Diagnostic Assessment of Warner Creek, Catskill Mountains, NY — Three Years of Student Conducted Research: Conclusions and Implications


Changes in Growth of Rainbow Trout in a Catskill Mountain Reservoir Following Alewife and White Perch Introductions

Long-Term Trends in Naturalized Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) Populations in the Upper Esopus Creek, Ulster County, New York, 2009-15

Effects of an Extreme Flood on Aquatic Biota in a Catskill Mountain River – Short Report

Effects of an Extreme Flood on Aquatic Biota in a Catskill Mountain River – Full Journal Article

Effects of Anthropogenic Stream Alteration on Brown Trout Habitat, Movement and Physiology


Significant Habitats in the Town of Woodstock, Ulster County, New York

Invasive Species

Didymosphenia geminata in the Upper Esopus Creek: Current Status, Variability, and Controlling Factors

Didymosphenia geminata (Rock Snot) in the New York City Watershed — Factors that Affect the Growth, Spatial Distribution, and Timing of the Didymo Bloom in the Esopus Creek (2010-2012)

Didymo on the Move: A Spatial Analysis of Didymosphenia geminata (didymo) in Catskills, New York

The Effect of Didymosphenia geminata (Didymo) on Macroinvertebrate Communities in Esopus Creek, NY

Additional technical information can be found in Stream Management Plans produced for streams in the Ashokan Watershed.

Riparian Corridors

Inventory, Classification, and Description of Riparian Natural Community Reference Types for Ashokan Watershed, New York, Final Technical Report, December 2012

Stream Project Reports

Project Report: Below Fawn Hill, Woodland Valley Road Bank Stabilization Project, Town of Shandaken, Ulster County, NY

Conference Presentations and Posters

See additional study results presented at the Catskill Environmental Research & Monitoring Conference.