Past Conferences

Ashokan Water­shed Con­fer­ence 2015

The 6th Annual Ashokan Water­shed Con­fer­ence was held Sat­ur­day, April 11, 2015 at the Ashokan Cen­ter in Olive­bridge, NY. See the con­fer­ence pro­gram and speaker con­tacts.

The 2015 con­fer­ence, Back to the Future: Cre­at­ing a New Water­shed Legacy, was about where we are today because of the past, and where we will be tomor­row because of the present.

Spon­sored by Cor­nell Coop­er­a­tive Exten­sion of Ulster County, Ulster County Soil and Water Con­ser­va­tion Dis­trict, and NYC Depart­ment of Envi­ron­men­tal Protection.

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“Back to the Future” was the theme of the 2015 Water­shed Conference


Ashokan Cen­ter
477 Beaverkill Road, Olive­bridge, NY (Direc­tions)

Nes­tled in the beau­ti­ful Catskill Moun­tains near the Ashokan reser­voir, The Ashokan Cen­ter (above) has been help­ing to edu­cate peo­ple in nature, his­tory and the arts since 1967.

What was learned

At this year’s con­fer­ence Back to the Future: Cre­at­ing a New Water­shed Legacy we trav­eled back in time to learn about the build­ing of the Ashokan Reser­voir and its legacy. Fea­tured pre­sen­ters explored how the Ashokan Reser­voir shaped local com­mu­ni­ties and the land­scape, and what the future holds for stream management.

After­noon train­ing ses­sions cov­ered the spread of inva­sive species Hem­lock woolly adel­gid and Emer­ald ash borer, and a stream expert panel answered ques­tions about stream and flood­plain man­age­ment in the Ashokan Watershed.

Cor­nell Coop­er­a­tive Exten­sion pro­vided cer­tifi­cates for up to 4 hours of training.

Who Attended?

  • Stream­side Landown­ers and Water­shed Residents
  • Stu­dents and Professionals
  • Town & Vil­lage Munic­i­pal and Plan­ning Boards
  • Town Super­vi­sors and High­way Superintendents
  • Flood­plain Administrators

Con­fer­ence Videos Available:

Build­ing the Ashokan Reservoir

Under­stand­ing the Rivers Future Gen­er­a­tions Will See 

Inva­sive Species: Hem­lock Woolly Adel­gid and Emer­ald Ash Borer

Stream Experts Panel

CERM 2014

The 2014 CERM (Catskill Envi­ron­men­tal Research & Mon­i­tor­ing) con­fer­ence was held Octo­ber 23–24 at the Bel­leayre Mt. Ski Cen­ter in High­mount, NY.

2014 CERM Con­fer­ence Agenda
2014 CERM Pre­sen­ta­tion Abstracts


CERM Overview

Title: Mis­sion, Goals, His­tory, Accomplishments

Speaker: Bill Rudge, NYSDEC

Panel Dis­cus­sion: CERM Ini­tia­tives: Research For­est, Data Shar­ing, Coop­er­a­tive Research, Bibliography

Keynote Presentation

Keynote Pre­sen­ter: Dr. Janis Dick­in­son, Cor­nell Uni­ver­sity, Depart­ment of Nat­ural Resources, Arthur A. Allen Direc­tor of Cit­i­zen Sci­ence, Cor­nell Lab of Ornithology

Cur­rent and Future Poten­tial of Web-based Cit­i­zen Science

Ses­sion 1 — Sci­ence Com­mu­ni­ca­tion and Cit­i­zen Science

Amy Sav­age, Bard Col­lege, Cit­i­zen Sci­ence: Sci­ence Lit­er­acy Edu­ca­tion to Improve Future Deci­sion Making

Kerissa Bat­tle, Com­mu­nity Green­ways Col­lab­o­ra­tive, Community-Scientists on the Phe­no­log­i­cal Fron­tier: Data Accu­racy and Mod­els of Net­worked Eco­log­i­cal Initiatives

Jen­nifer Epstein, River­keeper, Riverkeeper’s Fecal Con­t­a­m­i­na­tion Mon­i­tor­ing: Cit­i­zen Sci­ence and Advo­cacy in the Ron­d­out, Eso­pus and Catskill Watersheds

Ses­sion 2 — New Approaches to Envi­ron­men­tal Monitoring

John Camp­bell, USDA — For­est Ser­vice, Envi­ron­men­tal Sen­sor Appli­ca­tions at USDA For­est Ser­vice Exper­i­men­tal Forests: The Smart For­est Network

Peter Wood­bury, Cor­nell Uni­ver­sity, Effects of Ozone on Veg­e­ta­tion and Ecosys­tems: State of the Sci­ence and Impli­ca­tions for the Catskill Region

Ses­sion 2 Cont. — New Approaches to Envi­ron­men­tal Monitoring 

Dan Buck­ley, Cor­nell Uni­ver­sity, Mak­ing Sense of Micro­bial Diversity

Ruth Yanai, SUNY-ESF, Improv­ing Envi­ron­men­tal Mon­i­tor­ing with Uncer­tainty Analysis

Barry Baldigo, USGS, Vari­a­tions in Water Tem­per­a­ture and Impli­ca­tions for Trout Pop­u­la­tions in the Upper Schoharie Creek and West Kill, 2010 — 2012

Ses­sion 3 — Novel Uses for His­tor­i­cal Data Sets

Karen Moore, NYCDEP, Adven­tures in Data: Revis­it­ing His­tor­i­cal Water Qual­ity and Stream­flow Data in the Catskills

Mar­tin Rosen­feld, NYCDEP, Bio­mon­i­tor­ing in the Catskills: A review of 20 Years of NYCDEP Data

Lor­raine Janus, NYCDEP, Catskill and Delaware Head­wa­ter Reser­voir Water Qual­ity: A 24-year Record of Trophic Responses

Ses­sion 4 — Geol­ogy and Soils

Chuck Ver­Straeten, NYS Museum, Weath­er­ing Catskills Bedrock: Overview and Poten­tial Implications

Chris John­son, Syra­cuse Uni­ver­sity, Esti­mat­ing Min­eral Weath­er­ing Rates in Catskills Watersheds

Steve Pari­sio, NYSDEC, Gen­e­sis, Mor­phol­ogy & Clas­si­fi­ca­tion of Catskill Soils

Jason Siemion, USGS, Fac­tors Affect­ing Sus­pended Sed­i­ment in 10 Trib­u­taries to a New York City Water Sup­ply Reservoir

Ses­sion 5 — Cli­mate and Cli­mate Change

Alan Frei, CUNY– Hunter, Extreme Events and the NYC Water Sup­ply System

Mark Vian, NYCDEP, Using High Water Marks to Develop Hydraulic Geom­e­try Rela­tion­ships for the Upper Nev­ersink River to Sup­port River Man­age­ment and Restoration

Ses­sion 5 Cont. — Cli­mate and Cli­mate Change

Scott George, USGS, Resilience of Fish and Macroin­ver­te­brate Com­mu­ni­ties to an Extreme Flood in the Upper Eso­pus Creek

Mark Zion, NYCDEP, Poten­tial Impacts of Cli­mate Change on Water Tem­per­a­ture and Tur­bid­ity Trans­port in New York City Water Sup­ply Catskill Sys­tem Reservoirs

Ses­sion 6 — Ter­res­trial Ecosystems

Gary Lovett, Cary Insti­tute for Ecosys­tem Stud­ies, Impacts of Inva­sive Pests on For­est Car­bon and Nitro­gen Dynam­ics in the Catskills

Chris Zim­mer­man, The Nature Con­ser­vancy, Facil­i­tat­ing Man­age­ment of Hem­lock Woolly Adel­gid in Catskill Mountains

Mar­garet DiBenedetto, NYCDEP, Dis­tri­b­u­tion, Den­sity, and Move­ments of Non-breeding Golden Eagles in the Catskill Mountains

Michael Kud­ish, Prof Emer­i­tus, Paul Smiths Col­lege, Oaks, Burns, and Native Americans

CERM 2012

The 2012 CERM con­fer­ence titled “Effects of Cli­mate Change & Inva­sive Species on Ecosys­tem Integrity & Water Qual­ity” was held Octo­ber 25–26 at Bel­leayre Moun­tain. Some of the 2012 CERM con­fer­ence pre­sen­ta­tions are avail­able for down­load below.

2012 CERM Con­fer­ence Agenda

Poster Pre­sen­ta­tions

Col­lab­o­ra­tive Envi­ron­men­tal Mon­i­tor­ing at Robert V. Rid­dell State Park

Stream Ecosys­tem Changes in Schoharie Creek Trib­u­taries Fol­low­ing Hur­ri­cane Irene and Trop­i­cal Storm Lee

Ambi­ent Ground­wa­ter Chem­istry in the Catskills Based on Sam­pling of Trail­side Springs

Three Episodes in Catskill For­est History

Oral Pre­sen­ta­tions

Exam­in­ing Higher Hydraulic Gra­di­ents in Restored Streams and the Impli­ca­tions on Hyporheic Exchange

Big Changes from Lit­tle Bugs: Effects of Exotic Insects and Pathogens on Catskill For­est Ecosystems

Sim­u­la­tions of the New York City Water Sup­ply under Future Cli­mate Con­di­tions: Ini­tial Results and Some Lessons Learned

Mer­cury Bioac­cu­mu­la­tion within Ter­res­trial Food­webs in the North­east­ern United States

The Catskills Con­nec­tion: Using Species Dis­tri­b­u­tion Mod­el­ing To Inform Regional Con­nec­tiv­ity Assess­ments Under Current-Day and Future Climate


View 60-second video clips of select 2012 CERM con­fer­ence pre­sen­ters on the AWSMP Youtube Chan­nel.